Insulation Surface Plaster Mortar

Identification and Areas of Use

It is a polymer-reinforced premix with high stability used for plastering any kind of insulation sheet and styrofoam. It is used for plastering styrofoam surfaces as well as wall and floor plastering.

Instructions for Application

Application surface must be clean and free of any dust, paint and residues.
Desired amount of mixture must be stirred well enough until all lumps disappear.
When mixing is done, the plaster is applied on the surface with a trowel by spreading or hitting. Then, it is levelled to desired thickness by means of a trowel.
Following the initial setting period of the plaster (after 90 minutes according to the external temperature or plaster layer thickness), surface finish is completed with a trowel.


Only mixed with water.
Polymer-reinforced; ensures high adherence without primer.
Resistant to water, frost and bad weather conditions.
Quick-setting and no cracking.

Technical Specifications

Appearance Grey
Mixture 7 to 8 l / 25 kg powder
Levelling Time 15 to 20 minutes
Pot Life 3 hours
Consumption 4 to 5 kg/m/mm
Working Temperature +5°C to 30°C
Amount of Use 4 to 5 kg/m²