Izofix Insulation Adhesive Mortar

Identification and Areas of Use

It is used for the adhesion of extruded polystyrene sheets, styrofoam, thermal insulation sheets, glass-fiber insulation materials, mineral fiber, stone wool and polyurethane foam for interior walls and ceilings.

Instructions for Application

Application surface must be free of any dirt, dust, paint and construction residues.
Application surface must be well saturated with water to prevent rapid water loss for the material, and appropriate measures must be taken if rapid water loss is observed for the material during application.
While pouring the recommended amount of water slowly into a clean mixing vessel, it is mixed by a low-speed mixer until all lumps disappear.
The material is allowed to rest for 5 minutes, then used after stirring again.


Easy to prepare for use.
Multi-purpose use.
Resistant to humidity.
Easy and quick application.
Free of inflammable solvents.

Technical Specifications

Appearance Grey
Mixture 7 to 8 l / 25 kg powder
Levelling Time 15 to 20 minutes
Pot Life 3 hours
Consumption 4 to 5 kg/m
Working Temperature +5°C to 30°C
Amount of Use 4 to 5 kg/m²