Company Profile

P.P. Yalitim A.Ş. started its production operations, and entered into the thermal insulation industry, under the brand name “Poytherm” at its high-tech expanded polystyrene sheet factory in Ordu province of the Black Sea Region in July 2011. Today, it operates in its modern facility built on a total area of 12,000 m2 with a covered area of 9,000 m2. With its products providing high-quality and continuous thermal insulation, which are produced by high-tech machinery made in Germany, “Poytherm” has become a demanded brand in the market within a short period of time.

Having a wide range of products, P.P. Isi Yalitim A.Ş. facilities produce EPS thermal insulation sheets, boards, hollow blocks, and block forms used for door or window casing in all sizes as needed by customers. Our facility has a thermal insulation sheet production capacity of 600,000 m3/year.