Double-Layer Barrel Group (w. White Inner Layer)

Double-Layer Screw Barrel with White Inner Layer 120 L

Identification and Areas of Use

It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). While HDPE barrels have a very high resistance to chemicals, they are lighter than metal barrels. This makes transportation easier. Due to being stackable, plastic barrels stand out as covering less area in the warehouses.
HDPE barrels are suitable to be widely used by the industry because it is not only a food-safe packaging, but also has a high chemical strength. They have a high useful life, and it is important for the long-term storage of the materials filled in them.
Ringed barrel production is available in the sizes of 30, 60 and 220 l. Moreover, double-layer barrels with white inner layer of 60, 120 and 220 l are also produced. Our products are made in accordance with the Regulation on Materials and Articles which Come into Contact with Food.


Secure without any weak points.
Produced according to the European standards.
International standard packaging.
Corrosion resistance against any material.
Compliance with Turkish Food Regulations (concentrated fruits, pickles, mashes, water, etc.).
Multiple stacking on top of each other; high security during storage and transportation. • Resistant and leak-proof.
Easy to clean.
Long service life.
Continuous and high quality standard.
Maximum capacity of loading to the container.
Sealed top preserving the original state of the goods filled.
Made of high-density polyethylene by single-piece inflation in one process. • Standard color: dark blue…
Smooth barrel surface is suitable for any marking or labelling.

Technical Specifications

Weight 4,69 Kg ± 125 Gr
Outlet Diameter 36,8 cm
Diameter 49,5 cm
Length 82,6 cm
Heavy Metal N/A
Migration Test Ethanol <1mg/dm²
Isooctane <1mg/dm²
OIL <0,5mg/dm²
Material Used “High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)”
Food Contact Suitable