Foiled underfloor heating board

Promotion and Application Areas

   Foiled floor heating board is an effective heat and water insulation material used in modern heating systems. Reinforced with foil, it is a high-tech insulation material that prevents breakage, disintegration and penetration of water under the screed concrete.

   An ideal option for energy saving and environmentally friendly heating systems, Poytherm Foiled Underfloor Heating Board stands out with its durability, high performance and easy installation.

   This product is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable solution in professional projects.


It has very good impact absorption feature.
Resistant to environmental conditions and long lasting.
Provides water insulation with its special foil structure.
Its foiled structure provides a more effective heat distribution by reflecting heat and minimizes heat loss.
Provides high heat insulation between floors.
Fast laying workmanship.
Produced with E class flame retardant raw material.

Size 1185mmx604mm
Packaging Information
Qty 16/Qty
Package Area 11,45m2