Hollow Block

Identification and Areas of Use

POYTHERM EPS Hollow Block is used for thermal insulation and as a filler. Production is available from 10 kg/m3 to 30 kg/m3.
It can be produced in any size upon customer request according to their needs. As POYTHERM EPS Hollow Block is much more lightweight than concrete,
it decreases the building load by using lower amounts of iron and concrete.
So, it reduces the building cost positively. POYTHERM EPS Hollow Block is offered to the market with TSE/UTO/15-025 certificate, namely the national technical approval.


It is made of class E flameproof material in accordance with TS EN 13501-1.
It has an infinite life.
It is non-ageing, rot-proof, and it does not lose its insulation properties over time.
It is 100% recyclable and it does not cause any waste polluting the environment after production. It is very lightweight, applied easily and reduces transportation costs.
Moreover, it does not cause high building load, and saves iron and concrete.
Since it is a high-strength material, it can be used as road embankment.

Packaging Information

Reaction to the Fire Class E

Reaction to the Fire Class with Gypsum Plaster and Panel Ceiling Coating

B S1 d0

Fire Resistance Class with Gypsum Plaster Ceiling Coating

RE 90, REI 90

Fire Resistance Class with Gypsum Panel Ceiling Coating

RE 120, REI 90
Density 10 kg/m³
Pressure Strength Class CS(10)30
Bending Strength ≥50kPa
Geometric Tolerances L3,W3,T2,S5,P5