Thermal Insulation

Sheathing is the covering of the outer shell of the building with thermal insulation materials in order to prevent heat losses and gains according to seasonal conditions. Technically, it is the thermal insulation applied to the outer surface of the building in order to reach the required heat transmission coefficient without creating a thermal bridge.

In national and international researches, 50% of the heat loss in buildings occurs on the exterior, 20% on the roof, 20% on the windows and 10% on the floor. As can be seen, the greatest heat loss occurs on the exterior.

Poytherm Thermal Insulation systems are the most important tool for you to save energy. Each equipment of Poytherm thermal insulation systems is produced in accordance with national and international standards. Advanced German technology is used. By closely following the sectoral change, it constantly renews its system with its well-trained personnel. A building insulated with Poytherm thermal insulation materials will have the ideal room temperature in summer/winter. At the same time, with the right materials and the right insulation, the risk of harmful corrosion is minimized.
All analyzes of the products supplied to the market under the brand name of Poytherm are carried out continuously within its own body and by authorized institutions in line with the Quality Plan.
Insulating old and new buildings with Poytherm thermal insulation materials ensures that energy is used less, reducing fuel consumption and reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
Poytherm carries out the traceability of the products it supplies to the market, from the raw material to the final consumer, with the traceability it creates. Poytherm emphasizes production in line with quality standards, considering that each product produced in the quality trainings given to its personnel will be used by your favorite people in your own home.
Poytherm is the largest producer in the Black Sea region with its capacity. It meets the demands and expectations of its customers on time.
Since its establishment, Poytherm has been increasing its production capacity and storage area by constantly renewing its production technology in order to provide better quality and faster products to its customers.