Underfloor Heating Sheet

Identification and Areas of Use

It is used as under-screed insulation material and for fixing the underfloor heating piping to the ground in Underfloor Heating Systems. Poytherm Underfloor Heating Sheets ensure a healthy, comfortable and economic heating environment. Underfloor heating sheets constitute a heating system which dissipates the energy (obtained from the heating source through the piping within the ground concrete) under the ground, thus warms up the ground, accordingly the environment.


It has a very low water absorption.
It is resistant against environmental conditions and long-lasting.
It has a low thermal conductivity.
It reduces the time needed for flooring works.
With the ground screed poured onto it, its special embossed structure provides a much more superior adhesion than other materials.
It allows for a high thermal and sound insulation between layers.
It is made of class E flameproof raw material.

Technical Specifications

Density 20 to 22 kg/m3, 28 to 30 kg/m3 as well as specific densities as requested by customers.
Packaging Information  
Quantity 16/Package
Thickness 10.08m2