What is EPS?

EPS-Expanded polystyrene foam is a thermoplastic, closed-pore thermal insulation material in foam form with a homogeneous cell structure.
The replacement of pentane gas with air ensures that the performance of the product is stabilized. Thus, basic values ​​such as thickness and conductivity never change.
It can be produced in different densities. For this reason, it is a universal product that can meet the needs in many areas. As it is known, stagnant air; It is the most economical, environmentally friendly and excellent thermal insulation material known.

General Usage Areas of EPS:
• Thermal insulation,
• Transportation of white goods,
• Food packaging and transportation,
• Formwork and filling in the construction industry,
• Underfloor heating systems,
• As a light filling material and as a hollow block in floors,
• Making models, stands and stage decorations.

Advantages of EPS
EPS is more environmentally friendly than many other thermal insulation materials, both in the production phase and in the later process. (it does not contain ozone-depleting CFCs etc. in its production and does not cause global warming)
• Since it is produced from E type EPS raw material, it has flame retardant feature.
• EPS is an indefinitely lasting material when applied at the right density according to building physics and construction rules.
• EPS is a sanitary and healthy material.
• When EPS is examined in terms of thermal resistance value, it is the most suitable and economical material.
• Its density and size can be varied in a wide range, so that all its properties can be freely controlled over a wide range.
• The water absorption value is very small. Even if it comes into direct contact with water, its properties do not change.
• Although EPS is quite light, it is quite durable.
• It is an ideal material resistant to seasonal changes, its dimensional properties do not change.
• It is resistant to bacterial growth.
• It reduces the wear of the buildings due to hot and cold, prevents iron corrosion and turns the buildings into a more reliable living space.
• EPS offers a very advantageous weight/volume performance in the construction industry.